Build a static blog with Flotiq using Gatsby

Date: 28th January 2022

Reading Time: 7 min

Build a static blog with Flotiq using Gatsby

Nowadays, it is pretty simple to create and host any website. With free hosting from Heroku or Amazon S3 and static sites generators like GatsbyJS or NextJS, you can create any professional project for free.

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Do you think you need a web developer to build a website for you?
We think it is not necessary. You can check website templates and use them. You can even find starters for free, with generous licenses, like this one, made by Flotiq Team. 
All you need is to create content you want to share, and with a couple of simple commands, your work will be available for users online.   

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Is it time-consuming? It can be. But with a clever choice of tools, it can also be something that can be achieved in less than 5 minutes. 

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What do I need to put my blog live on the internet? 
  1. HTML code and images for the blog website, generated by Gatsby
  2. A domain name comes at a price, but you can use free domains like or similar
  3. Content — hosted in a CMS or text files, as you prefer
  4. Publicly available space for hosting your HTML and images — e.g., Heroku or Amazon S3
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